Növénytermelés / Volume 63 / Issue 3 (September 2014) / pp. 21-42


Phenometric comparison of the lines, hybrids and analogues of bm (brown midrib) maize (Zea mays L.)

Brown midrib single cross (SC) maize hybrids (bm3 × bm3) and their isogenic variants (izogenic × izogenic) were produced by utilisation of traditional and bm3 inbred lines. In quality breeding, bm genes (coding lower lignin content) are transferred into isogenic maize lines by the back cross method. Morphological and phenotypic characteristics of brown midrib and their isogenic lines and hybrids were analysed.

The phenotypic characteristics (phenological and phenometric) were described for lines and hybrids. In the case of the bm3maize lines 10 traits were studied according to the UPOV CPVO TP/2/2 guidelines. The characteristics were investigated continuously during the whole vegetation period and classified into manifestation levels. The results were considered for prediction of hybrid effects and during the heterosis calculations. The levels of heterosis and heterobeltiosis were determined for plant height, ear attachment height, ear length and ear weight in the cases of three brown midrib and three isogenic single cross maize hybrids. Two heterosis types were calculated, average heterosis and heterobeltiosis with their absolute and percentage values. In the case of the brown midrib and isogenic maize hybrids positive average heterosis and heterobeltiosis were experienced for ear attachment height, ear length

and ear weight.

For the plant height positive average heterosis was found. It was concluded that in the case of brown midrib lines and hybrids, primarily, the advantages of alternative utilisation have to be taken into consideration during their use.

Keywords: maize (Zea mays L.), brown midrib (bm) phenometrics, heterosis effect, isogenic lines

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