Növénytermelés / Volume 65 / Issue 2 (June 2016) / pp. 47-57


Some relevant results of liming and fertilising long-term experiments at Livada, Romania

Because of the high percentage of acid soils in North-West Transilvania, in the autumn of 1961, a long-term field trial with lime and fertiliser application was established. Due to the practical importance of this research topic for our geographical area, we continue to sustain these experiments in our institution.

A significant correlation was found between the CaCO3 doses, expressed in t ha-1 year-1 and acidity (pH). In this scenario, the Ca doses necessary to maintain the pH values were 173 and 296 kg of Ca ha-1 year-1 on the two soil types, respectively. Wet and dry deposits over 40 years have caused an acidification with 0.54 pHKCl units.

The long-term experiments faithfully reflect the different states of acidity in the argillic soil and in the offing, they can provide valuable information on the requirements for sustainable agriculture.

Liming has contributed to the increase on Strontium content in soil.

Keywords: liming, fertilization, pH, mikroelements

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