Növénytermelés / Volume 61 / Issue 2 (June 2012) / pp. 97-108

Tóth B; Bojtok K; Hankovszky G; Veres Sz; Lévai L

Byproducts of bioenergy. The effect of wood ash and straw ash on maize growth

We examined the effect of wood ash and straw ash from the Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Zrt. on maize (Zea mays L. cv. Norma SC) under laboratory conditions.

Wood ash and straw ash produced as agricultural byproducts contain singificant concentrations of elements which are essential for plants. Wood and straw ash can be supplementary nutrients in the nutrient replenishment of plants. Their importance is further increased by the fact that byproducts are recycled and also that wood and straw ash cannot be regarded as chemicals. Wood ash can be rather favourable on acidic soils due to its alkaline effect on them. The usability of wood ash is provided by its extremely low solubility. The wood and straw ash increased the dry matter content of plants, but their sole addition in the germination experiment decreased the germination percentage; therefore, they are recommended to be applied mainly as basic fertiliser at the time of soil preparation in the autumn.

Keywords: wood ash, straw ash, nutrients, byproducts, maize

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