Növénytermelés / Volume 66 / Issue 4 (December 2017) / pp. 83-109


Global climate change and the state of agriculture among the triggering factors of contemporary migration

Rights, causes and trends of migration. The migration rights record of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Immigration is not a human right. Uncontrolled migration represent risks in the field of national security, public health, etc. for countries exposed. Before the Second World War the European immigrants moved to America and Australia. After 1945, Europe was host continent. After 1945, political and economic causes of migration mixed. Former socialist countries launched refugees to Western Europe, while to Southern Europe the former colonies supplied migrants primarily for economic reasons. After 1990 global climate change, economic social and food security problems turned to be novel triggering factors of contemporary migration. The paper presents a review of the literature related to the subject.
Keywords: migration, climate change, agriculture, national security

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