Növénytermelés / Volume 68 / Issue 2 (June 2019) / pp. 69-88


The effect of sowing parameters on the yield of white lupin (Lupinus albus L.)

In the series of experiments presented in this paper, we examined how changes in sowing date and sowing area affect the yield of sweet white-lupine. This paper presents the results of our 2017 experiment. In the experiment, 3 different sowing dates, 3 different row spacings and 3 different germ numbers (250 000, 350 000, 450 000 germs per ha) were studied. Based on the obtained results, yield is significantly determined by sowing date. Late sowing significantly reduced yield. In the case of the same number of germs, the effect of different row spacing is not significant. However, differents germ number and row spacing is significant for the variation in yields.
Keywords: lupine, sowing date, number of germs, yield

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