Növénytermelés / Volume 69 / Issue 1 (March 2020) / pp. 95-113


Biostimulant effects of the Nostoc piscinale cyanobacterium on the SY Zephir 390 maize hybrid – Mosonmagyaróvár

An increasing number of evidence show that microalgae treatments can improve the environmental stress tolerance and yield of plants. The aim of this work was to study the effects of the MACC-612 Nostoc piscinale cyanobacterium treatment on the chlorophyll, proline and relative water content of leaves, as well as the growth, development and yield of the SY Zephir 390 maize hybrid. The experiment was carried out at the Faculty Farm in Mosonmagyaróvár (47o52ʹN; 17o16ʹE) in 2019 with three treatments and four replications in a random block design. The plants at the 6–8 leaf stage were treated with a hand sprayer with 400 l ha-1 aqueous suspension of the cyanobacterium in concentrations of 0.3 or 1 g l-1. The plant treatments with N. piscinale resulted in higher yields at 0.3 and 1 g l-1 concentrations (8.379 and 8.675 t ha-1) than the control (8.140 t ha-1). Yield increase could be explained by favorable plant responses to both treatments: taller plants; earlier leaf formation; enhanced root system; increased chlorophyll, RWC and proline content. Treatments also increased the cob length and thousand grain weight, but the cob diameter only at 0.3 g l-1. Considering economic aspects and the obtained results, MACC-612 Nostoc piscinale cyanobacterium is a promising plant biostimulant and when applied at a concentration of 0.3 g l-1 (120 g ha-1) on 6–8 leaf plants of the SY Zephir 390 maize hybrid, it has a positive effect on plant growth and increases yield.
Keywords: cyanobacterium, maize, growth, development, yield

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