Növénytermelés / Volume 71 / Issue 2 (June 2022) / pp. 93-100


Examination of dry matter incorporation and water release dynamics of maize hybrids with different genotypes

In agriculture, including maize, many factors influence the success of crop, thus, we face ongoing practical challenges. The success of maize production is influenced by several factors, thus, farmers face a number of challenges.

Our experiment was set up at the Látókép Experimental Site of University of Debrecen. The perspective on the topic was given by the different dry matter accumulation and water release abilities of maize kernel between each genotype. The aim of our study is to choose hybrids which can be improved based on their quantitative and qualitative results. For the practical relevance, maize hybrids with better and more efficient dry matter accumulation and water release properties are recommended. Of the hybrids tested, the SY Solandry maize hybrid provided the best results in terms of faster water release ability. The highest yield was obtained from the P0217 hybrid.

Keywords: maize, dry matter, water release, yield

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