Növénytermelés / Volume 62 / Issue 3 (September 2013) / pp. 75-92

Vig R; Dobos A; Nagy PT; Nagy J

The impact of the heterogeneity of a sowing seed maize population on certain agronomical characteristics and profitability

The heterogeneity of plant populations is a frequently appearing problem in maize sowing seed production as it increases costs and reduces profitability. For this reason, the identification of factors responsible for heterogeneity and the homogenisation of plant populations became important aspects. In order to verify our establishments, the extent of heterogeneity and its impact on profitability were examined in a 10.4 ha sowing seed maize population. Based on the examination results, it was established that the average grain number (number per plant) increased from 1 to 286 with the increase of plant height, while the average yield (g per plant) increased from 0.2 to 79.4, the SPAD readings increased from 27.1 to 47.7. Also, the coefficient of variation of the grain number and yield decreased from 178% to 28%, while the coefficient of variation of the SPAD readings decreased from 18% to 6%. During the examination of the mean value and the coefficient of variation, a strong negative regression (R2=0.794–0.920) was observed in the case of grain number and yield and an average negative regression (R2=0.488–0.525) in the case of SPAD which led us to conclude that the extent of heterogeneity decreases with the increase of plant conditions. The profit rate reached in the sample area was negative (-99–20%) in the population parts which were shorter (<80 cm) and had lower yield (<31.1 g per plant) and SPAD readings (<39.2), while it was positive (+47–105%) in taller population parts (80 cm<=) with higher yield (53.8 g per plant <=) and SPAD readings (42.1<=). Also, it was shown that profitability increased with the increase of plant height, grain number, yield and SPAD readings which justifies the need for the homogenisation of plant populations.
Keywords: maize, heterogeneity, coefficient of variation, profitability

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